“The Duggars Spend $3,000 on Groceries Each Month..”


$3,000 a month?! That’s close to a years’ worth of groceries for Nick and I.

I know I’m one of the few, but I just cannot get enough of the Duggars. It amazes me how well-structured their family is. Every child is clean, appropriately dressed and extremely well-behaved. Most families with one child can’t manage all of that, atleast not all at the same time.

Michelle Duggar must be a saint. She’s basically been pregnant for the last 20 years of her life, has 19 kids and a husband, and she still has all of her hair and her sanity from the looks of it. Although I do think that she should stop trying to have children, given her recent miscarriage and a premature birth before that, I’ve been told that it’s part of their religion to cherish and accept every child they’re given. All of my pregnancy books tell me that I should wait atleast a year before even considering another child, so that there’s time to heal and build your body back up so you can give your next child everything they need.


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